This is relevant to Moodle 3.4 from September 2018 onwards

This is how you can set video or audio-based assignments for students.


We no longer recommend the Media Assignment for students submitting video, as there have a been a number of issues.

To set up an Assignment Dropbox for students to submit video (or audio), use the Moodle Assignment.

Settings for Moodle Assignment

Set up a Moodle Assignment as normal, ensuring that the following settings are used:

Under Submission types

Submission types to include Online text AND File submissions

If you would like students to be able to submit more than one additional document e.g.,  scripts or plans, etc. then adjust the Maximum number of uploaded files accordingly.

Student submission

Students will upload video in the Online Text section

They should click on the MediaSpace button in the Online text box.

Further instructions for students on how to submit are available here: 

How to submit a media file via a Moodle Assignment