This video shows you how to recognise when something is hidden (in accessible) to students and how to make it available.


Relevant to Moodle 3.4 from September 2018 onwards

How to: Manage hidden resources, sections and modules   EASY

Individual resources and sections can be hidden in Moodle, as well as the entire module. The easiest way to tell if anything is hidden is the colour - it sometimes shows as 'greyed out', or, in many cases, there will be a message on a purple background:

To unhide a module - show or make it visible to students

When modules are created, they are automatically hidden. 

This is to make sure that editing teachers can add materials to their module without it being available to students. When the module is ready to be shown, follow these steps:

Hide will completely prevent students from seeing or entering the module.

To hide a section or topic

It can be useful to hide sections from student view if there are materials you'd like to be unavailable.

To hide a resource

You can also hide individual resources.