This applies to Moodle 3.4 from September 2018 onward

This page shows you how to use conditional activities and completion tracking, which can be used for a variety of purposes, from monitoring completion of the whole course, to making one activity or resource conditional upon the students having accessed another previously, to allow students to track their self-study.

How to enable conditional activities

Completion Tracking allows teachers to specify conditions that define when an activity is considered to be complete e.g. when a certain number of posts have been made, or a grade has been reached or a choice has been made .

You set, for each activity or resource, what constitutes "completion".

For a resource, this will be "view" - although it only really checks whether the student has opened the resource, it can't know if they've actually looked at it! 
See below for a list of what can constitute completion for activities.

Note: Completion tracking must be turned on BEFORE the conditional  resources  or activities are added.

How to turn on completion tracking

  1. Navigate to your module
  2. Press the cog icon to reveal the dropdown menu. From the dropdown menu select Edit settings.

  3. Scroll down to the section entitled Completion tracking. From the Enable completion tracking drop-down menu select Yes. Press the Save and display button

To set up an activity conditional on completion of a previous one:

If you have added the File resource then you will only have one condition to select. Other resources may have different conditions to select from. 

Completion Requirement Options for Activities

Set up the conditional resource or activity

Now the student must complete the first activity (e.g., read/open the Powerpoint Preliminary Material) before the second one is viewable.

Note: Access can also  be restricted conditional upon achieving (or not achieving) a grade in an assignment

You can also allow students to tick items themselves to say they're completed (but that relies on their honesty - compare it with their tracking report!). Where the resource is a label, the only way to indicate completion is for the student to manually tick it.

To allow student manual completion

When setting up the activity or resource:

NOTE: Where you have a lot of material for students to work through, students often like to be able to tick boxes themselves to track their progress through the module.

Results of Activity Completion 

If activities or resources are set to “Show activity as completed when conditions are met,” then a check-mark icon will appear on the student’s Moodle page when the conditions are fulfilled. The check-mark icon will be on the right of the link for that resource or activity.

If you have manual completion setting, i.e. "Students can manually mark resources and activities as complete," then students will see a square icon to the right of the links to that resource or activity. Clicking the square will place a check-mark icon, marking it as complete.

Activity Completion Reports

You can view a report table with a list of your students and their completion results.

To view the Completion Reports page:

This will show a table of your students and their progress. You can:

Changing Activity Completion Settings

These settings can be changed later (with editing turned on) by clicking the edit symbol for a resource or activity and returning to the Edit Settings page. 

However if one or more students have already completed a resource of activity, you will see a warning:

You can unlock the setting by clicking on the Unlock completion options button, but student progress information up to that point will be lost for that activity or resource.