Whether you'd like to upload grades to Moodle (including from external activities) or backup the grades, here's how you can import and export grades.



This refers to Moodle 3.2 from September 2017 onward

Grades 4 - Exporting and Importing Grades into the Grade book

There are several help sheets in this series. Start with Grades 1 - Introduction & Overview

To add grades to the Grade book

If you want to add a new set of grades to the Grade Book unrelated to any assessment or assignment in Moodle, then follow the following steps:

Step 1. add a new grade item (see Grades 3 - Adding a grade item (or column in the gradebook)

Step 2: Export the grade book as a spreadsheet

Step 3: Edit the spreadsheet to add the grades and save as CSV

Step 4: Import the amended file as CSV

If you wish to edit - outside Moodle - grades for existing assignments and assessments without creating a new column, miss Step 1.

Note: It is not advisable to attempt to upload grades into a Turnitin assignment column - these assignments should be graded from within the Turnitin Grademark tool.

Exporting Grades




If you intend to use this export file to import grades later:

Importing into Grades

If you are importing grades it is best to start from a spreadsheet exported from the module into which you want to add grades, then it will be in an appropriate format.  So Export Grades first and then populate the saved document with the new grade information. Then import as follows:


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