Key Postgraduate Posts in the School

Director of Graduate Studies

Dr Joanna Robinson

Deputy Director PGR (Students)

Dr Nathan Waddell

Deputy Director PGR (Scholarships)Dr Martin Findell

Chair of the PGR Learning Community Forum

Dr Nathan Waddell

Director of Teaching

Dr Nicola Royan (Sem 1)
Dr Mike Jones (Sem 2)

Deputy Director of PGT Students

Dr Joe Jackson

Deputy Director of Distance Learning

Dr Ana Pellicer-Sanchez (Sem 1)
Vacant post (Sem 2)

Director of PG Exams

Dr Bridget Vincent

Senior Students Services Administrator (PGT)

Graham Hancock

Senior Student Services Administrator (PGR)

Jo Pullen

Senior Tutor

Dr Lucy Jones

Disability Liaison Officer (DLO)

Dr Christine Muir

Director of Employability (Placements and Careers)

Dr Kevin Harvey

PG Seminars

Dr Nathan Waddell

PGR Symposium

Dr Nathan Waddell

ESRC DTC Cluster Leader

Dr Martin Findell