This is how you download Moodle Assignment submissions and how to access the downloaded zip file


Refers to Moodle 3.6 from July 2019 onward

How to: Download all submissions from a Moodle Assignment dropbox

To download submissions:

  1. When the submission deadline has passed, navigate to the relevant module and click on the Moodle Assignment activity.
  2. Select View all submissions at the bottom of the Grading Summary.

                  The student information table will then be loaded for this assignment.

3. On the student information table, your first task should be to Lock Submissions by selecting All > With ... Lock Submissions > Go.

5.  Scroll down to Options and make sure that  the Download submissions in folders checkbox has been ticked.

6. Now, scroll back up to the Grading action drop-down menu (top of the page) and select Download all submissions. 

The .zip file will either be sent directly to your downloads folder OR A pop-up window will appear giving you the option to Open file or Save file.

Note:  The zip will automatically be saved in your Downloads folder on your computer.  It will be named the same as your Module short name (see ADMINISTRATION block > Module administration > Edit settings)

This zip file contains a folder for each student. (If anonymous it will show their Moodle student ID—not the same as their SATURN/Campus ID)

The next steps take place outside Moodle, on your computer.


Accessing the downloaded zip

(We recommend this is carried out on a desktop PC or Mac or a Surface Pro rather than an iPad.)

Unzip the folder, extract the files and move them to a new folder that has been named to match the Module short name.

Location of the Module shortname

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