Peer Evaluation using PeerMark in Turnitin

Maria Toledo-Rodriguez

Life Sciences

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I wanted to improve my student's approach to clinical research writing e.g. abstracts and paper evaluations.  I thought a good way to do this would be through peer assessment of student submissions i.e. getting them to review other's work and provide feedback.

What we did

I contacted for advise about using the PeerMark tool in Moodle as I had come across it when creating an assignment dropbox.  They created some basic guidance for lecturers on how to setup a peer assessment in Turnitin and one for students about using it to peer assess.

Based on the guidance documents I setup a Turnitin assignment dropbox and went through each of the settings to see what was available.

Throughout the peer evaluation process I contacted the Faculty and School Support team for guidance at poignant times to ensure I was approaching it in a way that would meet my needs.

I decided to opt for anonymous marking and rather than an overall grade I used a basic rubric to ensure students fed back consistently across all the areas required.

How it worked

PeerMark Tool Features

Tips and recommendations

There were a few glitches (mainly due to me hitting buttons without having much clue of what I was doing). I learned from them so next year everything should run smoothly. We will definitively use it next year and I will give a short demo to the Neurosciences Teaching Committee (about peer marking and regular marking using moodle) to try to increase the number of “users”.  

How to achieve this