This refers to Moodle 3.6 from July 2019 onward

Using Groups in Moodle assignments to enable one piece of work to be submitted by a whole group of students

How to: Enable group submissions in a Moodle assignment  

If you organise students into groups to work on collaborative projects with the idea of a single submission e.g. a joint presentation to be submitted, then Moodle assignments is ideal. Turnitin Assignment does not recognise groups.

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The setup

Once you have created the Groups in your Moodle module (Hamburger Menu > Participants > Action menu > Groups) do the following:

  1. Click on Add and Activity or Resource and select Assignment

  2. Name the Assignment and add a description as normal.
  3. Scroll down to Group submission settings and click Show more...

  4. Change Students submit in groups to 'Yes' 
  5. Select the Grouping which you want to use for the assignment. N.B. for Group Submissions, student can only be a member of a single group at a time.
  6. If you want all students in a group to officially confirm they are happy with the group piece of work that has been submitted you will need to force students to click the submit button.  Note:  Only once every member of the group has clicked the Submit button will the assignment become visible to you
    1. Go to Submission settings and change Require students click submit button to 'Yes'
    2. Go to Group submissions settings and change Require all group members to submit to 'Yes'

Please note: Normally we recommend Require all members to submit is set as No then only one student needs to submit on behalf of the group, and it can be any one of the members.

Do not change group allocations once submission has started as a student's submission can be overwritten because they have been moved group. 

Marking Group submissions

It is possible to give students within a group their own individual mark, or you may prefer to give one grade to the entire group. The toggle for this parameter is found on the marking page under Group Submission Settings.

What a student sees

The example below is what a student will see when the group assignment requires all group members to officially confirm they are happy with the submission.  One student will upload the document and then the others will have to go into the assignment dropbox where they will see the file that has been uploaded.  They can choose to edit the submission e.g. upload a different version or confirm the submission by clicking Submit assignment.  Each student in the group has to do this before the assignment will be fully submitted.  Each student can see who in their group is left to submit within the drop-box under Submission status.

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