The second in a series of Helpsheets about Moodle grades. How to edit a grade from within the grader report.

This refers to Moodle 3.2 from Sept 2017 onward

How to use Moodle Grades (Gradebook) #2: Manually editing grades

There are several help sheets in this series. Start with Grades 1 - Introduction & Overview 

Every grade given in the module may be edited directly within the Gradebook, as well as within the activity itself.  If you edit the mark from within the gradebook, the grade will change colour to indicate the grade has been overridden from the original given by the activity.

To view the Grader report:


If you don't see a view that is similar to the screen shot above then ensure that the drop down menu is set to 'Grader report'.

To alter the number of rows on a page:

It can be easier to manage the scrolling with less students on the page


To filter the records shown

If you wish to quickly navigate to a given student you can use the letters shown above the grader report to filter which records are shown to you.  The report can be filtered by first name, last name, or both. Clicking 'All' reverts the report back to show all records again.

To edit a grade:


In the Moodle Grades helpsheet series

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