How to grade a paper submitted to a Turnitin dropbox within Moodle

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This refers to Moodle 3.6 from July 2019 onward.

Go to your Moodle module and click on the assignment name/title. 


The Turnitin drop box will load and display a layout similar to the image below. 

In the lower part of the Turnitin dashboard (in the First Name/Last Name column) either the student’s name will appear or ‘Anonymous marking enabled’ will be in place of the student’s name. 

To mark the assignment click on the blue pencil icon which will launch a pop-up window for the Feedback studio in Turnitin. If the pop-up does not appear look near the URL address bar in your browser in case pop-ups have been disabled. 

When the Feedback studio is open please note that you are now working on Turnitin's server, NOT the Moodle server at the University of Nottingham.

Once you have read the assignment and are ready to grade you can enter the mark on the top right hand corner (see green box in the image below) and then click outside of the /100 box. This will ensure the mark is saved.

Please note that if you press 'Enter' after you enter a grade it will not save. You need to click somewhere on the assignment.  

When you are ready to move on, click on the page numbers (shown below in the orange rectangle) or the arrows to select the next submission you wish to mark.


When you close the Feedback Studio tab, the marks will automatically synchronise with Moodle and appear on the same row as the student's details and submission within the Grade column.


Adding comments and feedback

As well as a grade you can also provide comments, store frequently used comments (to save you retyping them) and give overall feedback to a student about their assignment.

More about this here: How to provide feedback and comments in Turnitin

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