This refers to Moodle 3.6 from July 2019 onward

A Lesson can be just an information resource or a very interactive activity depending on how you set it up.  There is lots of potential with Lesson but it requires some pre-planning.

How to: Create a Lesson activity

This activity can be used as an alternative to the Book resource (sequential content pages) or as branched content pages with the option of quiz question pages (graded).

A lesson is a sequence of learning texts – basically a series of HTML pages containing some sort of choice underneath the content area for the learner to select. The branched content pages thus linked are particularly useful for scenario based information whereby the student has to make choices after reading each stage of the scenario.

You can create a programmed learning pathway in which the learner moves through the material and is given questions periodically which moves them on to the next piece of information and the next question.  The learning path can be linear or branched and the lesson can be timed. 

Adding a Lesson to your module

Lesson settings explained


This section requires you to add a Name to your lesson.

Appearance > Show more...

Availability > Show more...

Allows you to restrict availability if necessary. The time limit function is useful if you have quiz questions in the Lesson. You can also add a password to the lesson.


Flow control > Show more...


Next steps

Once you have set up the area for your lesson you then need to add content.  

See How to Create pages in Lesson for help about this.

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