This help page looks at the different grade and assignment export options for Turnitin available to users with editing roles in Moodle.

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This refers to Moodle 3.6 from July 2019 onward.


 The download process can take some time and there may not be an indication that downloading is happening (you can get a blank pop up page for a while). 

Turnitin assignments are exported with filenames of the format: TURNITINID-XXXX_STUDENTNAME_TITLE_XXXXXXX_XXXXXXXXXX (for original versions)


(None of the numbers represented by Xs are the Turnitin paper ID or the University student ID, but they are unique to the student/assignment)

Exporting ungraded assignments in bulk OR all grades as a spreadsheet

NOTE:  The bulk download option is available after the due date for non-anonymous assignments, BUT only after the post date for anonymous assignments.

Exporting individual assignments without grade and comments

 Here are some more things you can do in the Turnitin dashboard:

Exporting individual assignments with grade and comments

Downloading Originality reports

To download / print an originality report for a student's work:

Downloading marked papers in bulk

In the Turnitin submission table screen:

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