PGR Offices in the Trent Building

The PhD offices are now located on the lower ground floor of the Trent building (rooms LG31-43).  Access through the main entrance is from the outside of the building with University Card access only.  The space will provide:

  • A space for socialising and relaxation with comfy sofas
  • A kitchen area with fridge and microwave
  • Quiet PhD offices with desktop pcs
  • Student pigeon holes

PhD students are also welcome to use the facilities in the Graduate Centre in Highfield House.

Entry in to offices LG40 and LG42 is by key-pad or key. Relevant codes or keys will be given to you after you have registered.
All other offices are accessed by keys, available from Louise Mason in A107, Trent.

The Hallward Library also has some carrels which are allocated to Postgraduates on a short-term basis. If you wish to apply for a carrel, visit the Nottingham UNLOC page, and then click on the 'laptops/tablets/rooms' option along the top.

There is also study space in the Social Sciences and Arts Graduate Centre.


There are lockers available in the PGR office space and students are welcome to use a locker if they wish. Locker keys are available from Louise Mason.


The School has a small number of laptops that research students may borrow for short research trips (maximum two weeks). The laptops have basic word processing and spreadsheet functionality and can be used for web access. Students should contact Louise Mason for further information.


Events and Meetings

Students who require room bookings should contact the Student Union, unless they are organising the event on behalf of a research centre or academic member of staff in the School. A risk assessment document must also be completed for all events organised by the School.

IT Resources

In addition to the shared offices, the University has a large number of computer workstation rooms across campus.

Library Resources

Information on the libraries on campus can be found on the Information Services website along with the on-line library catalogue.

We also have a team dedicated to the Faculty of Arts library resources, and so if you do have any specific enquiries you can contact them at

Photocopying and Printing Support

The University has networked printing and photocopying facilities across campuses.  

You will receive instructions on how to set up access to the new printers as a new student, but if you have any queries about accessing the printer, please contact Louise Mason.

The Quality Manual recommends that a research student should be entitled to  £100 per year to assist with photocopying and the cost of draft printing  required for reports. The School will monitor printing and photocopying on a monthly basis and contact  supervisors if students are approaching their maximum yearly allowance. Students who feel they need a higher allowance should inform their supervisors.


Research students have access to a telephone which permits internal telephone calls. Research students who wish to use an external telephone should ask for assistance from Louise Mason. 

Most University telephone numbers have a pre-fix of 95- or 84- followed by a 5 digit number. For example, 9515900 is the main School number. This is the number you call from outside the University. The internal telephone number is 15900.

You can look up telephone numbers on the University website.