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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of this one-page sheet. Please browse or use the SEARCH box below.

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Moodle Help & Support (Staff)

This refers to Moodle 3.2 from September 2017 onward.


 The download process can take some time and there may not be an indication that downloading is happening (you can get a blank pop up page for a while). 

Turnitin assignments are exported with filenames of the format: TURNITINID-XXXX_STUDENTNAME_TITLE_XXXXXXX_XXXXXXXXXX (for original versions)


(None of the numbers represented by Xs are the Turnitin paper ID or the student ID)

Exporting ungraded assignments in bulk OR all grades as a spreadsheet

NOTE:  The bulk download option is available after the due date for non-anonymous assignments, or after the post date for anonymous assignments.

  • Go into the Turnitin assignment drop box by clicking on the link on the module page. This will load up the Turnitin assignment dashboard.
  • Once students start submitting assignments the export field will show three document icons.
  • The first icon is an XLS which will download a spreadsheet of all students who have submitted. It contains information such as the last and first name of the student, the date the submission was uploaded (the time is in Pacific Time format) and the mark if it has been graded.
  • The second icon exports all the assignments as PDFs (in a zip file) and the third icon exports all submitted assignments in their original (submitted format) as a zip file.

Exporting individual assignments without grade and comments

  • Go into the Turnitin assignment drop box by clicking on the link on the module page. This will load up the Turnitin assignment dashboard. 
  • On the bottom half you will see the files where students have submitted. To download an individual assignment without its grade or comments click on the icon with a down arrow (see below).

 Here are some more things you can do in the Turnitin dashboard:

  •  Similarity: Click on the coloured square in similarity column to open up similarity report window. Colours range from red for high similarity to green for low similarity.
  •  Grade: Click on the blue pencil icon to access the Turnitin Feedback studio. This is where you can access the similarity breakdown score. 
  • Dustbin (found at the very right of every single student if they have submitted their assignment): Delete this submission allows student to resubmit (but it does not delete it from the Turnitin database).

Exporting individual assignments with grade and comments

  • To the left of the Student column there is a checkbox on each row. Tick this box for the student(s) whose marked assignment you require and it will open up a section above which will contain a button entitled Download.  (See below for downloading all the graded assignments in bulk).
  • You can then click on the Download button and select either Original Files or Selected GradeMark Files from the dropdown menu. If you select the latter, it will download the submission with any comments and marks added. If you wish to download multiple submissions, then you will need to tick the checkboxes for each of the submissions made.

    Please note that in order for this process to work the submissions will need to be marked first otherwise the submissions will not download. If one submission is not marked but the rest are then this will not be downloaded but those that have been marked will be.

    Alternatively, you can download individual submissions by going on the Feedback studio, click on the Download icon at the bottom right of the right column and select whether you wish to download the Current View, the Digital Receipt, or the Originally Submitted File

Downloading Originality reports

To download / print an originality report for a student's work:

  • Click on the Similarity score block relating to the student's submission.
  • Feedback studio will load with the Similarity view by default.
  • Click on the Match Overview (the number button in the right column) to see the Primary sources or the All Sources (the icon below) to see the selected matched sources.
  • Click the downward arrow icon to select the Download pop-up window options. Select Current View and the Similarity score will download as a PDF which you can then print off if required. 

Downloading marked papers in bulk






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