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Moodle Help & Support 

How to effectively use Groups and Groupings to make items available to one set of students

You should read How To create groups and groupings before starting this tutorial

Note: you need to enable groups in your module (as shown below) before doing anything with groups

Using Groups

By adding students to groups in Moodle you can provide activities which groups can participate in, either as visible groups (groups can see what each other are doing)

or separate groups (groups can only see their own postings) e.g.,

  • Forum
  • Wiki
  • Database

Using Groupings

  • Groupings are "supergroups", they contain one or more groups and cannot be used independently of groups.

How to make a resource or activity visible to one set of students and not others

Step 1 - Enable groups in your module

  • Go to Administration block > Module administration > Edit Settings
  • Under Groups: change group mode to Separate Groups or Visible Groups
  • Change Force group mode to Yes if you want to ensure that groups are then enabled for each activity/resource you then add to the module (although this sets the default for ALL activities then created, this can be amended in each activity during creation).

Step 2 - Create group or groups. See How To create groups and groupings

Step 3 - Add students to a group or groups. See How To create groups and groupings

Step 4 - Add relevant group to a grouping. See How To create groups and groupings

Step 5

In the activity or resource which you want to make visible to a particular grouping :

  1. Edit settings for that item
  2. (Ensure that the Group mode is set to visible or separate groups as desired)
  3. Under Common Module settings, choose the Grouping who are to see this item
  4. Check the Available for group members checkbox
  5. Save and return to module
  6. Only the students in the grouping selected will be able to see the item.

Note that if it is an assignment, the other students will still show up and will show as not having submitted, even though they cannot see it. They are still listed, but during grading the assignment can be sorted by group to find the list of and submissions from those who can see it and are intended to submit.

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Queries, comments or questions?

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