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This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards

Check your Module or Course Handbook for information on how to submit assignments through Moodle. This may be through a link on the Moodle page for your module or it may be in a separate Moodle site set up by your School.

The TurnitinUK 'Test Your Text' space in Moodle allows students to test their assignments by uploading them to receive an originality report for their own use before they submit the assignment for real.

NOTE:  Ensure that popups are enabled in your browser in order to submit.

NOTE: Please ensure that the file you are submitting displays a file extension, otherwise markers will not be able to open your file. 

See the Turnitin (& Moodle) assignment submission checklist for how to prepare your document for submission to an assignment dropbox.

To upload a document (or more than one document) into a Moodle Assignment Dropbox

  • Go to your module in Moodle
  • Click on submission dropbox title e.g. 
  • Click Add submission
  • You can drag and drop files (Requires IE10 or above, Firefox or Chrome)  or click the Add.... button (marked in the screenshot below) and browse to the file(s) to upload.
    Follow the instructions in your module 

  • It is possible to change the filename of your submission by right-clicking on the file icon and then entering a new title in the Name text field. 
  • NOTE: Do not remove the file extension information (.PDF or .docx) If you change the name of your assignment as this will prevent the marker from being able to open your file. Once you have changed the title press the Update button. 
  • Click Save changes.
  • NOTE: There may be an extra step requiring you to click a Submit Assignment button (See below).
    If this button is present you must click it in order to finally submit your assignment.  Before this time, you are free to change your submission, so you can leave it in DRAFT until you are sure – but make certain you click to finally submit BEFORE the deadline. Drafts are not always accepted.
  • Your submission status will change to Draft (not submitted) if you need to click a Submit Assignment button (see below for example of this button).
  • You may be asked to agree to a Submission Statement (not all assignments have this step). 
  • Your submission status will change to Submitted for grading if your assignment has finally and successfully been submitted.

  • If the assignment is submitted to Turnitin (this is an option and may not be present in all cases), then you do not have to do anything further, but you will also see an acknowledgement message from Turnitin with your paper ID. Make a note or save this paper ID (or screenshot or print this page) as it is the equivalent of your receipt.
  • Once you have submitted your assignment you will be able to see the Turnitin ID whenever you look at the assignment page, and in due course, if the lecturer has allowed students to see it, you may see a Similarity Score and be able to click on it to get into the Originality Report.

Once the work has been marked

You will be able to see your grade, feedback comments and feedback files by clicking into the assignment.

See more at  Viewing your grades and feedback in Moodle assignment

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