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  • Workspace Upgrade (January 2014) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Why has Workspace been upgraded?

The existing version of Confluence (the software platform that underpins Workspace) was v3.5.9, which was released on 27 July 2011 and ceased to be supported by the supplier (Atlassian) towards the end of 2013. The upgrade to version 5.1.5 was therefore significant and, in addition to being supported by the supplier, provides greater flexibilty and more sophisticated editing capabilities.


What are the main changes to Workspace? These are available via the Workspace page Workspace Upgrade (January 2014) - New Features  

Why has the University theme been removed?

The University theme was a customised feature and almost all of the customised features have been removed. This has ensured that the Confluence platform is as close to the ‘out of the box’ functionality as possible thereby improving the support available from the supplier as well as making future upgrades considerably easier to achieve.  


Why has the edit in wiki markup option been removed?

With effect from Confluence V4.0, all of the content is stored in an ‘xhtml’ format, which enables a more ‘WYSIWYG’ (What You See Is What You Get) editing experience, including auto-updating and many more formatting options. Wiki markup is therefore no longer available in Confluence/Workspace.


Why are some plugins and macros no longer available.?

A number of custom and third party plugins and macros are no longer available where they have become deprecated (no longer recommended) or were unsupported because they were causing platform instabilty. Of those plugins that remain, they have been migrated, where possible, to the commercial version thereby bringing a level of support from each supplier which was not previously available


Is any training available on the new version of Workspace?

The new Welcome to Workspace pages should help you. Also, Professional Development will continue to offer training courses and these will be advertised via the Central Courses system.


What do I do If I have any questions or experience any problems with Workspace following the upgrade?

If the advice and guidance pages available via Welcome to Workspace do not provide a solution, please contact the IT Helpline.

Why can't I see the child pages of a Workspace page displayed in the left-hand navigation pane?  To display the child pages, you need to click on the > displayed to the left of the parent page.




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