This refers to Moodle 4.1 from December 2023 onwards

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How to add a reading list to a module

If a module is listed in Campus Solutions, then there are two very simple ways to make your reading list available in the module.

First set up your reading list in Talis Aspire

Here are the instructions for the reading list system.

UK: Please refer to the support information and videos on the UNUK library website.

China: Please refer to the support information on UNNC library website,  

Malaysia: Please refer to the support information on the UNM library website

Second: add the Reading List to your module

How to add your Reading List to the main part of your Moodle page

In your module:

  1. Enable editing with the 'Edit mode' slider in the top right corner.
    Edit mode toggle slider
  2. Near where you want the reading list, click on the  'Add an activity or resource' button.
    Add an activity or resource button
  3. Click on the words 'Reading list (UK)' (or the relevant button for China or Malaysia as appropriate).  You will be taken to the 'Adding a new External tool' screen.
    Moodle Reading List icons
  4. Click on the Select content button which is located within the 'General' section. 
    Select content button

    Select content
  5. You will be taken to a new page and asked to authenticate in 'Talis': click on 'Start'. You may need to scroll down to see the Start button.
    Authentication required page
  6. This will open a new screen where you will need to enter your University of Nottingham credentials to log in.
    University login page for IDP service
  7. Click on Finish authentication process.
    Authentication finish button
  8. Your reading list may appear automatically under suggested lists: otherwise, search for the name or code, until it is offered, then click on either Embed list (this will add the whole list)  or Select section.  (If you have arranged your reading lists into sections on Talis and want to link to just one section at a time on Moodle).
    Embed reading list
  9. Once you have made your selection, you will be taken back to the “Adding a new External tool” screen. It is possible to edit the Activity name if you want to. Other settings can be left as default.
    Moodle page showing reading list added
  10. Click 'Save and display'
  11. When you have finished editing, disable editing using the 'Edit mode' slider in the top corner.
    Edit mode toggle slider

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