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Moodle Help & Support 

This refers to Moodle 3.6 from July 2019 onward

How to: Create pages in Lesson

Once you've added a Lesson activity (How to create a Lesson activity) to your module and set the appropriate settings for your lesson you need to create pages of content or questions. BUT before you go ahead with creating pages it's a good idea to work out how you're going to connect them, especially if you intend to have complex connections between branches. Planning ahead using a rough flow chart will help you in the long run otherwise it can get quite confusing.

Page types

There are five types of pages you can add to your Lesson, however most of them change how the lesson works. The main pages you'll be using are Content and Question, but below is a description of each of the available page types for your information:

  • Content - this is a branching page whereby you add text, images etc and navigation to other pages. This page type does not require the student to answer specific questions, however as part of the navigation to other pages you could tailor the options into questions (useful for scenarios).
  • Question - There are five types of questions you can add to a Lesson: Multichoice, Essay, Numerical, Short answer, True/false (see the Create a quiz help page for a description of each question type). Each question will appear as a single page.
  • Cluster - useful when using quiz questions. By adding a cluster page the selected quiz questions will be seen randomly by students until all questions included in the cluster have been seen. The cluster page is not seen by students, it is merely a navigation behind the scenes.
  • End of cluster - this is used to signify the end of the randomly viewable quiz questions. If you do not include this page quiz questions will appear randomly up to the of the Lesson. The End of cluster page is not seen by students, it is merely a navigation behind the scenes.
  • End of branch - this page is only needed when you want to end a series of content pages and perhaps start a new set of branching content pages or quiz questions etc. The End of branch page is not seen by students, it is merely a navigation behind the scenes.

Adding a page

Once you have added a lesson to your module you will be presented with a page as below.

  • Click on the Edit tab
  • Select the type of content you’d like to add. The example shows a Content Page.
  • Enter the Page title
  • Write your contents for the page and add any images to the Page contents text field.
  • Write the navigation button text in the Content 1 > Description field and link to the correct page (once created) via the Jump drop-down list. Alternatively, link to the Lesson specific options to make changes to the navigation (see below of a description of each).
  • On adding a Question Page you have the additional screen to Select a question type
  • Select question type then click on Add a question page button. answer boxes and score for each answer to enter.
  • Once complete click on the Save page button.

Jump options 

  • Next pageThis page and Previous page are relative jumps to the pages situated near them in the page list in the Edit tab
  • Cluster will jump to another page within the cluster group.
  • End of lesson is the splash screen a student sees when they have completed the lesson. It may show their score, offer a link to the next lesson or just say that they have completed the lesson. This jump is often used as a content page choice to allow the student to end the lesson
  • Unseen question in a content page links to a randomly chosen unseen question between this Content page and the End of the Lesson or the next End of Branch page. Use with care.
  • Random question within a content page links to a randomly chosen question between the current Content page and the End of Lesson or the next End of Branch page. If the student has already seen the question and attempts are greater than 1, they will get another chance to earn the point(s) for that question. If attempts are set to 1, the question will be skipped and another random question shown. Use with care.
  • Random content page jumps to a random Content page between the current Content page and the End of Lesson or the next End of Branch page. Use with care.
  • End of Branch takes the student to the end of the Content pages in that branch. If there are further pages beyond the End of Branch page the first one in the sequence will be shown.

Once you have saved your page you are taken back to the Edit tab page where you can add further pages. To add a new page click on any of the Add a new page... drop-down boxes to choose the page type. In the Edit tab you can also view the content of pages by either clicking on the page title or selecting Expanded rather than Collapsed in the bar beneath the tabs.

This is the Collapsed view

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