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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of every page.

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This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards  

NOTE: self-enrolment on a module space within Moodle does not constitute official registration on a module - students should still complete and submit module choice forms to their School.

Some Schools or Faculties, such as the Faculty of Engineering and the Business School, allow students to view modules they're not taught either before choosing optional modules or just so they can see how other modules are taught. As you are not directly enrolled on these modules they will not appear in your Module Overview on your Dashboard page, instead you need to search for them.

Searching for a module

  1. Log into Moodle with your normal University "Username" and "Password".
  2. Click on the 'Hamburger icon' (top right).
  3. In the drop-down menu select Site Home.
  4. Type the name of the module or the module code into the "Search modules" box.

Search modules function

Accessing and self-enrolling onto modules

Some Schools or Departments also allow students to self-enrol onto modules for either a short period of time (e.g. the first few weeks of term before choosing optional modules) or because they're not taught modules e.g. Nottingham Advantage Award modules. To self-enrol onto a module you've searched for (as above):

  1. Click into the module that is applicable to your campus (UK or UNUK, UNNC or UNMC) - Make sure you choose the correct Academic Year!
  2. If the module allows self-enrolment a 'Participate in this module' button will appear.
  3. Click on this button to participate.

Note: you may also have to enter a password if requested to. Your module convenor should have sent you the code beforehand.

If you have been sent a link to the module directly:

  1. Click on the link.
  2. Log into Moodle.
  3. Click 'Participate in this module'.

 Student self-enrolment