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All tutors are asked to keep a record of seminar attendance throughout the year for all undergraduate and Masters students. You should ensure that registers are accurate and that latecomers sign in. Tutors are responsible for maintaining their own records of attendance, and registers should be submitted to Student Services for University Attendance Monitoring purposes.  

Arrangements for how to access registers in 2017/18 will be confirmed by Student Services.

Faculty of Arts Attendance Monitoring Process, 2019/20

Student Services has been working alongside academic and APM staff in the Faculty of Arts to establish an efficient and consistent process for attendance monitoring from 2018/19 onwards. The faculty attendance monitoring process for 2019/20 is provided here.

After the first census date, student attendance will continue to be monitored on a spreadsheet that will be available to relevant academic staff, and persistent cases of absenteeism will be referred to the Senior Tutor for further consideration in compliance with the regulations in the Quality Manual.  After the second census date, further cases of absenteeism will be flagged for discussion in personal tutor meetings at the start of Spring Semester.

In addition to this, the School has an attendance and pastoral care policy in place which should enable the School to pick up quickly and consistently on undeclared welfare cases and to identify students who ‘disappear’ as early as possible. The following procedures apply to all undergraduate and masters students:

  1. After a maximum of two consecutive *unauthorised seminar absences, seminar tutors should e-mail the student to let them know that their absence has been noted and ask for a response. If the student replies or begins attending, no further action is needed.
  2. If the student does not reply and absence continues, the seminar tutor should alert the appropriate Year Tutor ( Senior Tutor for PG students).Year Tutors and the Disability Learning Officer.
  3. The Senior Tutor will liaise with the student’s personal tutor and either arrange a meeting with the student to discuss attendance or contact the student via their University and personal email address and / or phone number to establish reasons for their absence.
  4. If the Year Senior Tutor cannot contact the student, they should refer the case to the Senior Tutor and Director of Undergraduate StudiesSupport and Wellbeing Officer who will follow up with the student.

*Where a student notifies the School about their absence prior to being contacted by the seminar tutor, this will be considered as authorised absence and need not be followed up any further. However, where a student has repeated authorised absences, this may be indicative of a wider pattern of non-attendance and is worth flagging up to the Year Tutor (UG)/ Senior Tutor (PGT).

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Your absence from the most recent seminar[s] for [module(s)] has been noted. Please remember that seminar attendance is a requisite of the course, and part of your University study agreement. If you are experiencing difficulties that prevent you from attending, you should alert me and/or your personal tutor as appropriate so we can provide appropriate support. If I do not hear back from you and there are further absences, I will need to notify your Year Senior Tutor.

Best wishes,

[Tutor’s name]