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  • In your module select the Turn editing on button located towards the top right of the screen. 
    Image RemovedScreenshot of the Moodle edit button.Image Added
  • Select the + Add an activity or resource link in the relevant section. 
    Image RemovedScreenshot of the Add an activity or resource link.Image Added
  • From the pop-up window select the Timed document release (it’s a Resource).
    Image Removed Screenshot of the list of activities and resources in Moodle, with the Timed document release highlighted. Image Added
  • You will then see the settings page.
    Within the settings page enter a title within ‘Name’.
    NOTE: If adding an exam paper it is recommended to use a standardised format, e.g.,
    Exam Paper <module code> <month of exam period> <year>. This will make it easier for the student to understand that the document to be revealed is the exam paper. 
    Image RemovedScreenshot of the list of activities and resources in Moodle, with the Timed document release highlighted. Image Added
  • Within the ‘Release time’ section check the ‘Enable’ tickbox and then set the date and time when the document will be made available to students. Once this date and time has been reached the document will automatically be visible to students.
    Image RemovedScreenshot of the release date and time settings. Image Added
  • Within the ‘Content’ section add the document in the ‘Files’ section by either dragging and dropping in the ‘Files’ area or uploading it by selecting the button located in the top-left, as usual with files.
    Image RemovedScreenshot of the Content section where the document will be added. Image Added
  • Within the ‘Display contents’ section select ‘On a separate page’ from the dropdown menu and it is recommended all default options remained ticked.
    Image RemovedScreenshot of the option to have the file appear on a separate page. Image Added
  • Select the ‘Save and return to module’ button. 
    Screenshot of the save and return to module button. Image Added
  • Back on the Moodle page you will see the Timed document release set up where chosen.
    Screenshot of the Timed document release icon. Image Added

Students’ perspective

A student who selects the Timed document release will see the date and time the document will be available, a countdown timer and a message that reads:
‘Please do not refresh your browser. You will be able to access <name of Timed document release> automatically at the end of the countdown.’

The student will not see the file until the date and time has been reached.

Screenshot of the student view in the Timed document release. Image Added