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This refers to Moodle 3.10. from September 2021 onward 11 from September 2022 onward 

What is H5P interactive content?


  • The content bank is accessed from hamburger menu in Moodle. Hamburger menu icon
  • From the menu that appears select content bank Content Bank.


  • Select Add and choose a content type from the dropdown list that appears.


  • The H5P authoring dialog will appear and you will need to fill in various fields (e.g. Title, Question name, Correct answers, and Feedback). Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields.
    • The H5P Demo Page is a self-enrol in Moodle provides useful guidance, how to guides to build each content type and examples of H5P so is a good place to start before you start authoring your first H5P. 
  • When you have completed all the fields select Save to see a preview of your new activity.
  • To make changes to your activity select Edit otherwise select Close to return to the content bank.
  • On completing these steps the content bank will now contain a .h5p package file which can be selected when adding H5P either as an activity [link to section below] in Moodle or as embedded content [link to section below].
  • Use the breadcrumb trail to return to the module page.