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This refers to Moodle 3.10 11 from August 2021 2022 onwards

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Integrated within Moodle is a comprehensive media (audio and video) handling system. This Guide show shows you how to access video analytics from Moodle.


  1. In the 'Hamburger menu'  in Moodle, select the My Media option from the drop-down menuFinding My Media in the Hamburger Menu
  2. Click on the 'View analytics for...' icon for the video you want analytics for.

3. Choose the time period for which you want to view analytics.


The top panel of the User Analytics dashboard provides an overview with highlights and details about the students' activities.

Highlights - Displays a snapshot of the important metrics for the selected time-frame.

Analytics highlights

Player Impressions is the count of the number of times the video player was loaded (even if the video was not watched), so for example if a player is embedded on a Moodle page, this will count how many times the page was accessed even if the student did not click on the video.


Unique Viewers is the number of different students that have watched the video.

Minutes Viewed is the total number of minutes of the video that have been watched.

Avg Completion Rate is the average percentage of the video that students watched.


Not viewed - this section wasn't viewed by the user.
Viewed once - this section was viewed once by the user.
Viewed twice - this section was viewed twice by the user.
Viewed more than 2 times - this section was viewed more than two times by the user.

If you click on a student's username you will be able to see further analytics for that individual student.


Metrics over time

To You can review key metrics to explore engagement trends over time, you can use the graph to review key metrics:

  • Number of player impressions.
  • Number of plays.
  • Number of unique viewers - number of authenticated viewers.
  • Number of minutes viewed.
  • Average completion rate - how much of the video was watched.
  • Average drop off rate - measured by viewer reaching playback quartiles.

Metrics over timeImage RemovedImage Added

You can view the data for each metric in daily or monthly granularity. Hover over any point in the graph to see the detailed data. You can also compare to another metric by selecting another metric from the drop-down list.

To change the time period or filter the data, use the date picker and filter panel at the top of the dashboard. You can also compare data from different time periods.