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This refers to Moodle 3.8 11 from September 2020 August 2022 onwards.

The Moodle Workshop is a peer assessment tool that enables students to review each other’s work. Editing Teachers can set up criteria that the student’s follow on how to provide feedback, for example comments or rubrics. 


  1. On your module, click the 'Turn editing on' button
  2. Click on + Add an activity or resource where you want to add the Workshop on your Moodle page
  3.  In the pop-up window check select the 'Workshop' activity and then press 'Add'.

Add an activity or resource windowImage RemovedAdd an activity or resource windowImage Added

4.  In the settings page, the first section is General. Enter the "Workshop name" and also enter an explanation in the "Description" textbox section about the assessment. For example, enter details about what file type students should submit in and the date when they should submit by.