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This is a tutorial about how to set up your module so students who are enrolled on another module or modules are automatically enrolled also on your module

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Most courses (formerly called modules) take their enrolment from SATURN / Campus Solutions when students are registered on courses.  Academic and other staff are usually enrolled manually at course or category level.

In many cases courses are linked together, for example, where two cohorts of students (registered on separate CS courses) study the same content, or where a community course space takes enrolments from across a School.

See the following for an explanation of this:

How to understand metamodules (parent modules) - if you teach modules with the same content

If you have a course where the students are all enrolled on a Campus Solutions course or courses then you can use that CS course or courses to "feed" your module so that you don't have to enrol everyone manually.

This is called a meta link. The PARENT will always be a Non-SATURN (Campus Solutions) course and the CHILD or feeder course will always be a Campus Solutions (or SATURN module).

  • In the parent course (e.g., Year 1 or Geography Community) go to the Administration block
  • Then Module Administration > Users > Enrolment methods

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  • Click Add method and select Module meta link

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  • You can now start to search for the course or courses (module or modules)
  • Type in all or part of the name or code for the module
  • Select the relevant module when found.

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  • You can repeat the search and addition for any further courses (modules) that need to feed this one.
  • Finally click Add method

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