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You need to have created a Turnitin assignment dropbox as normal before you can add the PeerMark activity (see How To create a Turnitin assignment dropbox).  

The PeerMark activity needs to be created before students start submitting to the dropbox.


  1. Enter a "Title" and some "Instructions" for completing the peer assessment.  The instructions should be clear to ensure students are aware of the additional activity within the dropbox, what's expected of them and what they will get out of the activity.
  2. If you intend to award a mark to students who successfully complete the activity, i.e. evaluate another's assignment, enter the number of points in the "Points value" box.  
    Note: The marks awarded will NOT form part of the whole grade for the assignment itself, it is a completely separate mark that will not show in Moodle Grades.
  3. Set the "Start date", "Due date" and "Feedback release (Post) date" as you would a normal assignment.  We advise that you set the peer assessment activity to start a few weeks after the assignment is due to be submitted to allow for any late submissions.  
  4. Once this is done press the 'Save & Continue' button to save your work. 

Note: You cannot start a PeerMark assignment until the due date has passed in the main Turnitin assignment.
Note:  If a student submits their assignment after the submission due date but before the Peermark due date they will still be able to participate in the peer assessment activity. Their assignment can be included as long as there are other assignment still waiting to be evaluated.