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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of this page. As a first step to finding the information you are looking for why not check out our FAQ - Your questions answered or try the SEARCH box below.

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  Filename length

 < 40 characters

Filename should have no more than 40 characters (you may get an error message if filename is too long: it will be "XML Response could not be parsed")  Check the assignment instructions as there is often a prescribed filename format

Filename formatNo non-alphanumeric characters

Filename must not contain unrecognizable (non-alphanumeric) characters in the submission title, such as & , . ( ) % # ” / \ – { } [ ] < > : ; @.   

        (Check there are no extra full stops other than the one before the three-letter file extension) An underscore is acceptable

Filename spacesNo letter spaces      Must not contain spaces between     e v e r y   l e t t e r

File size     Must be less than 100 MB To be certain it's accepted, we recommend no more than 50 MB if possible

No. of pages     Maximum is 400

Typed words       20 or moreYou must have at least 20 typed words. If your document is scanned, combine it with a PDF generated from Word or similar with 20 readable words or more. For example: add the details of the assignment, a title, etc.

Headers     Avoid         There have been reports that headers have prevented students from being able to submit their assignment. If your submission is not initially accepted please remove the headers and try submitting again.

Columns     Keep to one column If at all possible, keep to ONE column of text per page

Title of file   Keep it short       When adding a title within the submission page, please keep it relatively short as long titles affect the rendering size of files downloaded from Turnitin such as feedback

Track Changes Turn off Accept or reject all changes/edits in your document and switch off Track Changes before submitting it (if you don't do this, Turnitin will match everything in the deleted and formatted text, thus falsely inflating the similarity index

File type See ListMust be one of the file types listed below left. Turnitin may ‘accept’ other filetypes, but they do not generate a similarity report, nor can they be marked by GradeMark, so please stick to the filetypes listed above. PDF is recommended.                                                                                        (For Moodle Assignments please follow the instructions you are given regarding your assignment.)

Alignment Left-justified Do not use fully justified text as it is sometimes rejected.

Video/AudioNot acceptedTurnitin cannot take video or audio. If you are expected to do this please contact your module convenor or Student Services.

Filetypes supported and unsupported


  • Microsoft Word® (.doc / .docx)
  • OpenOffice Text (.odt)
  • Google Docs via Google Drive
  • WordPerfect®  (.wpd)
  • PostScript (.ps/.eps)
  • Adobe® PDF 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint® (.pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, .pps) *
  • Microsoft Excel® (.xls and .xlsx) *
  • HTML 
  • Rich text format (.rtf)
  • Plain text (.txt)
  • Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp)

*Will be converted to static PDF (so NOT suitable for annotated Powerpoints: save as mp4 and upload to a Moodle Assignment  How to submit a media file via a Moodle Assignment)

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Filetypes that are not supported by Turnitin (but may be accepted by Moodle)


Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If the filetype is not in the above "Supported" list then it won't be accepted.
Some of the commoner filetypes that Turnitin will not accept include:

  • Microsoft Works (.wps).
  • Apple Pages file types.
  • Spreadsheets created outside of Microsoft Excel (i.e. .ods).
  • Open Office files saved as .doc, or Google Drive .odt files
  • Microsoft Word 2007 macros-enabled files .docm (.doc and .docx are fine)
  • Zip files may be accepted but cannot be rendered and are not recommended.
  • Video and audio files: .mp.3, .mp4, .wav, .mov and any other video or audio files are NOT accepted.

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