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If Groups has been applied to an activity the following icons will be displayed next to the Edit dropdown when editing is turned on.

Image Removed

Image AddedNo groups

Image AddedSeparate groups

 Image AddedVisible groups



Both Turnitin and Moodle assignments can use Groups and Groupings to aid marking i.e. , for example if there is more than one marker, each assigned to a group of students.  This can be turned on in the Common module settings within the settings of the dropbox.  There are two settings, 'visible groups' and 'separate groups', it does not matter which you choose in the case of an assignment dropbox as you are not restricting access, only aiding marking.

Moodle assignments


Groups and Groupings can only be used to aid marking in Turnitin dropboxes. However, however within Peermark (a peer assessment activity that can be incorporated into a dropbox) you can force assignment distribution.  This could be a useful approach if you have a small cohort of students and want one group to assess another groups group's submissions, especially if they've researched different topics, as it could be a good way to get students to learn from their peers about something they have not researched, while also learning how to evaluate.