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How to add Engage recordings with the Echo360 link in Moodle

Note that these instructions refer only to modules which are SATURN modules. If yours is not a SATURN/CAMPUS module, please refer to the instructions for non-saturn/non-campus modules.

To add the Echo360 link in Moodle:

NEW from September 2018: You can now link to individual Echo360 Engage content

  • Login to Moodle at  
  • Turn editing on 
  • Go to the section where you would like the recordings to appear and select the + Add an Activity or resource hyperlink
  • From drop-down list, select the Echo360 Cloud resource and click on the Add button
  • Give the activity a name and Save and return to module.

Echo360 Cloud settings explained


  • Activity name: Name/title  of the activity that will display in the module, for example 'Engage Echo360 Lecture recordings'


If you find that your module is not linked (sometimes this can happen) or you are a new user, please follow the instructions below to link moodle to Echo360 Engage:

New users

Add the link as above. When you click on the link you will see a screen asking you to choose a section.

Type in your module code, select the Term and Section then choose Link Content:

OPTIONAL   Linking to individual Echo360 Engage content such as individual lectures

If you want to link from moodle Moodle to the content of an any individual Engage 'class' or recording in addition to (or instead of) a list of all of the content:


Click on the title to highlight the content you would like to link to from moodleMoodle, and click 'LINK CONTENT'.