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Students do not see the grade level associated with the different options.  Students can see the description for each criteria and choose the level description, via the radial button, to grade the assignment from that criteria

Student view of rubric in WorkshopImage Modified

Accumulative Grading


Students do not see the weighting of each aspect.  Students can read the description, choose a mark out of the maximum grade for that Aspect and add comments.
Student view of assessment formImage Modified

Number of errors assessment criteria in Workshop


  1. Click on the Workshop activity you've created to go into it
  2. Scroll down to the Settings block > Workshop administration > Edit Assessment form
  3. You are then provided with a number of Aspects to define to draw out comments about specific aspects of the assignment.  Students will use the description you provide for each Aspect to write their comments during peer and self-assessment.

  Comments set up in WorkshopImage Modified

Student view of Comments

  Student view of comments in workshopImage Modified

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