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Students cannot see your Workshop activity unless you make it available to them by changing the phase.  This document explains the phases of the Workshop.

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We do not currently recommend Workshop for peer marking.
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How to: make your Workshop available to students MEDIUM

Once you've set up your Workshop, created the assessment criteria and graded example assignments for students to work through you are ready to make it available to students.  Depending on how you plan to manage the process your 'availability' choice may differ from your colleagues.  Below is a description of how to make your Workshop available and the implications of each option.

Availability options

There are five phases of the Workshop activity, however you do not need to complete each one. 

  1. Setup phase - you are automatically in this phase when you create a Workshop activity.  This means the Workshop is unavailable to students until you have finished setting it up and selected an alternative phase.  When students click on the activity they will see the following message 'The workshop is currently being set up. Please wait until it is switched to the next phase'.  If you need to amend something in the settings sfter you've made the activity available to students switch back to this phase to make the change as it will stop students amending their work while you're changing the settings.
  2. Submission phase - this phase allows students to submit their work and you to set the allocation process for submitted assignments after all assignments have been submitted/the deadline date as passed.  You can control the opening and closing of this phase in the Workshop settings (see below).  Students can self-assess themselves in this stage but not their peers.
  3. Assessment phase - this phase allows students to assess the work of their peers.  You can control the opening and closing of this phase in the Workshop settings (see below).  You can arrange for students to be assigned a number of their peers work to assess randomly or manually assign them (see below for the link to this help page).
  4. Grading evaluation phase - this phase will disable further submissions and self/peer assessments.  This phase allows you to go through each assessment and provide feedback to the reviewers and reviewees.  At this stage you can override the overall grade received if necessary.  If you find a particularly exceptional piece of work you can also make it public to all students in this phase for assessment.
  5. Closed - this phase sends all the final grades to the module gradebook and makes them available to students.

Note:  If you have set the Submission and Assessment open and deadline dates in the Workshop settings > Access control section when you make e.g. the Submission phase available to students they will be restricted to these dates.  You will still need to manually select the next phase though, it is not automated. 

Changing the phase of the Workshop

  1. To change the phase of the Workshop click on the lightbulb beneath the title of the phase you want to open.  In the example below the Assessment phase is currently in operation.

Note:  The ticks and crosses next to each stage presented in a phase show what has been completed within that phase.  Some stages are required before moving on e.g. Submit your work (for students), Edit assessment form and Prepare example submissions (if you have opted for this).  You do not need to complete every stage to be able to move onto the next phase as you can see by the cross next to Allocate submissions.

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