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Essentials before you apply:

Research students are normally invited to apply to teach from the equivalent of their second year of full-time registration at the University of Nottingham onwards (e.g. after Confirmation Review.)

In order to be prepared for applying to join the teaching affiliate pool for 2019-20 (interviews for which will take place in Spring 2019), you will need to:

    1. undertake the following training courses; 
      These are all led by the Central Short Courses team, the first two are compulsory and the third & , fourth and fifth are optional;
      1. A Practical Look at Core Teaching Skills -
      2. Marking and Giving Feedback -
      3. Foundations of Teaching in HE (optional) -
      4. Lecturing for Learning (optional) -
      5. Small Group Teaching (Optional) -
    2. ensure that you observe three first year seminars in total, in autumn and/or spring semesters, in order to gain the necessary experience. Please arrange this via your supervisor(s).