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This is one of many help and support pages that are available about the University of Nottingham's Moodle online learning environment. If you have any questions or queries concerning Moodle then contact information is at the bottom of this one-page sheet. Please browse or use the SEARCH box below.

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  • Enter a Sign-up List Title E.g. Field trip briefings.
  • Type some relevant guidance in the Sign-up List Notes text field e.g. what the event is, or any preparation required.

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  • If you wish to prevent students from signing up to slots before you are ready, there are two ways to do this.  You may change the Locked status to Yes, or, when you return to the module, you may hide the activity by clicking the edit button alongside it, and selecting 'hide' from the drop down options.
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  • Decide whether you wish students to see the names of people signed up to slots.  Choose the appropriate setting in Privacy. (For example for remedial sessions students may wish to remain anonymous.)
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  • Now click on the button Save and return to module at the bottom of the page.

You will now see the signup sheet added to the bottom of your chosen module section, similar to below.

Creating sign up slots

Once you've created your signup sheet you then need to create the sign-up slots available for your students to book. 


  • click the link Add a Time Slot to this sign-up list.
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You are now in the New Time Slot page. 

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  • Give your time slot a Title  e.g. Field Study Briefing 1Title
  • In the Details text field enter further information (Such as Date, Time & Location) about the time slot students can choose E.g. Monday Morning 09:30 Room B123 University Park.   This field allows you to format the text.
  • You can also set a maximum number of students that can sign up to this time slot by editing the Max Number of Students text field. The default is 30.
  • Once you have finished creating the time slot click the button Save at the bottom of the page.

You should now see the newly-created time slot listed on your Time Slot Management page underneath your Signup Sheet, similar to below. 

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You can create additional time slots using both of the following methods:


When you have created at least two time slots cross-arrows will appear beside the slot title (only on the main screen).  These allow you to change the order of the slots on the page (e.g., if you want to have them in chronological order). 

If you elected to lock theSignup Sheet activity, you can unlock it from this screen too by clicking on Lock/Unlock Signup Sheet

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Or, If you have hidden it, you can reveal it using its Edit link on the module's main page.

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Once students have signed up to this time slot you can print off the register (as alphabetical list or by order of signing up) or email the group.