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labelPhD Graduate information and statistics

What do researchers do?

What do researchers do? Early career progression of doctoral graduates (2013) looks at trends in employment for doctoral graduates three years on from their graduation and highlights the major value of doctoral study to researchers, employers and society.

University of Nottingham Career Support for PhD students

The Careers and Employability Service has careers guidance for PhD students including:

  • Exploring your skills and career options
  • Career development online courses
  • Information about academic careers
  • Information about careers outside academia
  • Applying for academic jobs
  • Applying for jobs outside academia
  • Careers advice
  • Events

Beyond the PhD - a Careers website for PhD students

The Centre for Career Management Skills (CCMS) at the University of Reading has launched Beyond the PhD: a career resource tailored specifically for arts and humanities PhD researchers. Beyond the PhD is a good place to explore possible career paths within and outside academia and brings together audio interviews, video discussions and articles aimed at making visible what happens to postgraduate researchers after they graduate.

Vitae Resources for PhD Graduates 

Vitae also has a large database of resources for Research Degree graduates and those looking to build an academic career.

labelDeveloping your Skills and CV

Opportunities to develop your CV

Whilst at Nottingham, there are also many opportunities for you to develop your CV. In particular, there are regular PG seminars at which you will be able to discuss your work and the work of other students and academics. PG Seminars deal with help getting your research published, delivering conference papers, applying for funding and pursuing a career in academia.

The School offers the opportunity for some postgraduate students to teach on certain undergraduate modules and be paid as appropriate. Such teaching can provide a valuable opportunity for career preparation, although opportunities will depend on student demand and individual research specialisms. There are also opportunities for postgraduate students who want additional teaching experience on their CV to help undergraduate seminar Tutors with teaching preparation and delivery

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