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idThe Thesis Pending Period

What is the Thesis Pending Period?

Students normally enter their thesis pending period at the end of their third year of registration as a full time student (or equivalent period of time for a part time student).  Research students who wish to enter the writing-up period before this time, will only be able to do so with the permission of their Supervisors and if the Supervisors have seen a substantial draft of the thesis. 

The thesis pending period is up to a maximum of 12 months (for full-time students) or 24 months (for part-time students) or less. Students will not be permitted to present a thesis after the conclusion of this period without receiving formal approval for an extension of time (see the tab on 'extensions').

labelRegistration during TP

Registration during the Thesis Pending period

Following requests from the Graduate School, Students' Union, Postgraduate Students Association and International Office (on behalf of international sponsors) it has been decided to allow eligible students the opportunity to register for the one year thesis pending period.  The registration fee will be set each year by Student Administration and is currently set at £160 for the whole year. 

The benefits to students who do register will be: 

  • Exemption from payment of Council Tax
  • Use of University Counselling and Academic Support facilities

All students in their thesis pending period are entitled to the use of library facilities and University computing facilities but not to facilities for primary research, whether or not they choose to register in thesis pending.

This option is offered to current full-time final year students who are entitled to a thesis pending period. They will need to complete an application form to register in thesis pending in their final year of registration confirming that they will not be in full-time employment during the year.   As has always been the case, there will be no entitlement to use of primary research facilities during the thesis pending period, whether a student chooses to register or not.  

labelSupervision during TP

Supervision during the Thesis Pending period

During the thesis pending period students are normally entitled to up to six meetings (either face to face or electronically) with their Supervisor/s and for the Supervisor/s to read and comment on one draft of the student's thesis prior to submission.  For information about the arrangements for supervision during this period see the Quality Manual

If you have any queries concerning the arrangements for supervision in the School, please contact Jo Pullen in the first instance. 

labelKeeping in Touch

PG Seminars

You are invited to continue to attend PG seminars and other research events in the School during your thesis-pending period.  We look forward to keeping in touch with you during this time and the PG seminar series in particular is an excellent way for you to keep in contact with the School. 

PGR Symposium

You are very welcome to attend the PGR work-in-progress Symposium held in the School each May and further details are given on the School web pages.  The event is an opportunity for you to bring your work to your fellow research students in the School and also for you to develop your CV by chairing a session if you are in your final year of registered study. 


Library and IT Facilities

Student Services have agreed with the Library to send through lists of students due to enter the thesis pending period on a quarterly basis; this will enable the Library to update systems so that students find their access to borrowing etc automatically extended in future.  Access to IT facilities will remain unaffected, but if you do encounter any difficulties, please contact Jo Pullen who will look into this for you. 

Email Access

Your email access will continue throughout your thesis pending period, and will close 90 days after the 'leave date' on your student record. This will usually be the date you submitted your final e-thesis to the University after your examination is complete, but if you withdraw or finish without an examination, the close date of your emails will be affected.

When you are coming to the end of your thesis pending period, it is advised that you put an 'out of office' message on your emails as soon as possible, giving alternative contact details. This message will continue to be sent to anyone that emails you for 3 months after your account has been closed. Once your email account has been closed, you won't be able to access it, but anyone who emails you will get your out of office message.

Graduate School

Students in thesis-pending are currently allowed to use the facilities in the Social Sciences and Arts Graduate Centre and Graduate School and to take Graduate School courses, as long as they are relevant to their status, i.e. courses related to careers, or viva training etc.  Students would not normally be allowed to take courses which they should have taken in the registered period to pick up basic skills.  For further information, please contact the Graduate School direct. 


Extension to the Thesis Pending Period

The University's extension policy is the only way to obtain permission for an extension to the submission deadline. Other than in exceptional circumstances applications will only be considered if received by Student Services no less than 3 months in advance of the end of the thesis-pending period.

Please contact your Supervisor/s as soon as possible if you need to request an extension to your thesis pending period and also inform Jo Pullen

The extension form can be downloaded from the University's Quality Manual and must be completed as fully as you can before returning to Jo Pullen who will coordinate Head of School approval and forward on to Student Services.