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This refers to Moodle 3.10 from September 2021 onward11 from August 2022 onwards

How to: see tracking information/activity reports for students


3. Choose the type of report you want to look at (see below for details on the report types).

    1. Logs are best used to used to refer to raw logs showing who has been accessing the module and what they were doing on a particular day or right now (Live logs).   You can download the Log as an Excel document.
    2. Live logs from the past hour - raw logs showing who has been accessing the course most recently and what they were doing.
    3. The Activity report is is best used to check overall views of resources and activities.   E.g. if you notice a particular resource or activity has had minimum activity and was last accessed two weeks ago you may want to send out a message via 'Announcements' to all module participants notifying them to take part/view it.
    4. The Module Participation report is best used to refer to individual activity for a particular resource or activity in terms of views and participation.  From this report you can 'Send a message' to e.g. students that have not participated to remind them (see below for how to do this).
      Choosing the criteria for the reports:

You can only choose the criteria for the Logs and Module Participation reports reports.   The criteria is relatively similar for both of these reports but further advice has been given below for your information as well as an insight into what the other logs look like. 

  • The Live Logs report report just shows you all the actions in the module now with user details and what they accessed when.   You cannot choose criteria for this report.


  • The Activity report just shows you the total views for each resource and activity as well as the last time they were accessed/viewed.

  Activity report

  • With the Logs report report you can choose which module participant you would like to look at the actions of, when (date), the activity (organised by the section titles), the type of action, and you want to how you would like to view the information i.e. would you like to download the information?.   Generally I would advise against changing the action type because it can narrow it down too far and also to leave the display option as 'display on page' unless you need to download it.
    e.g., to search for a particular student's activity


  • The final report is Activity completion  - This lists students and which activities they have completed. This can be downloaded as a spreadsheet - really useful to manipulate completion data.   NOTE: This is only available if you have Completion Tracking enabled in your module (this is enabled on the Edit Settings page, see below).


See How to use Completion Tracking to Monitor Student Progress