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This refers to Moodle 3.10 11 from August 2021 2022 onwards


Instructions on how to create an assignment that submits student work through Turnitin, integrated seamlessly into Moodle. 


Moodle settings for Turnitin

From top to bottom...

  • Turnitin Assignment Name [The Assignment Name shows on the module main page and in the Turnitin drop box.]

  • Summary [Use this box to expand on your title and add useful information such as deadlines, word counts and desired file formats.]

  • Display description on module page [Tick this box if you wish the summary to appear in the moodle page. Recommended.]

  • Submission Type [Select from File upload, Text submission and Any submission type.]

  • Number of Parts [Maximum is 5 parts. Useful if the student need to submit multiple documents in different formats, e.g. PDF assignment Word cover sheet]

  • Maximum File Size [Select from 10KB to maximum file size 40MB100MB. Settings are set to 40MB 100MB by default.]

  • Anonymous Marking Cannot be changed once set [Note: Names become visible when grades become visible – on Post Date, which cannot be changed so choose the Post Date carefully.]

  • Allow submission of any file type: Set to 'No', so that only those files are submitted that Turnitin can process. If you are using Feedback Studio, but not the text-matching feature, e.g. for submissions of formulae, then you can set to 'Yes'.

  • Display Similarity Reports to Students Choose whether students can see their own similarity score report. 

  • Grade [Choose ‘Point’ or ‘Scale’ then max points, e.g. 100. If not numeric, ensure that other settings do not use numeric grades either. You can also set a minimum grade to pass.]

  • NOTE: If Anonymous Marking is enabled, then the "Post Date" should be set to be at the end of the marking period - it is ? the date at which the student names become visible. ? Once names are visible, changing the the post date cannot re-anonymise them.
  • NOTE: Once anonymous marking has been enabled (set to Yes) you cannot change it to "no" (e.g., to see the names for admin purposes) and then change it back again to anonymous.
  • NOTE: Student names may be revealed for an individual assignment by clicking on the "Anonymous marking enabled" button to reveal the author’s name for the paper. 


For each of the parts that you allow students to upload for the assignment, a separate start date, due date and post date can can be set. ? These are edited in the next section of the page:


If setting 'Generate reports immediately, reports students can be overwritten resubmit until due date'  is is selected this means that students are able to resubmit their work as often as they like until the Due Date. No re-submissions are allowed once the due date and time of the assignment have passed: on the Due Date the most recent submission made is the final one (one late submission is still accepted if the student has not yet uploaded anything at all).