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This applies to Moodle 3.4 6 from September 2018 July 2019 onward


This page shows you how to use conditional activities and completion tracking, which can be used for a variety of purposes, from monitoring completion of the whole course, to making one activity or resource conditional upon the students having accessed another previously, to allow students to track their self-study.


Completion Requirement Options for Activities (or resources)

ActivityPossible criteria


Require view, require grade, must submit
Turnitin AssignmentRequire view, require grade
ChatRequire view
Choicerequire view, require choice selection (any of the choices)
Databaserequire view, require grade, require # count of entries (new in 3.4)
Feedbackrequire view, require submission of feedback form
Forumrequire view, require grade, require # posts (discussions or replies), # create (first post in) discussion topic, or # replies to other posts
Glossaryrequire view, require grade, must create # of entries
Lessonrequire view, require grade
Quizrequire view, require grade
SCORM Packagerequire view, require grade
Wikirequire view
Workshoprequire view, require grade

Set up the conditional resource or activity