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  1. AA Fieldwork and trips policy and risk assessment for staff - updated July 19.doc

  2. Storage of Biological Agents.pdf

    and as such is subject to the requirements of the Contained Use Regulations namely:  Risk assessment  Application of appropriate control measures  Classification … currently used material. The outer container must be labelled to the effect that the material inside must not be used unless a risk assessment is carried out
  3. Hazardous Substances

    Information and training Arrangements to deal with accidents, incidents and emergencies Risk Assessment under COSHH Risk assessment is an essential part of your … of chemicals on the bench or floor should be cleaned up in accordance with the risk assessment and disposed of safely – consider the hazards associated with the chemical
  4. Safe Use of Biological Agents

    at Procedures to be adopted before starting work Risk Assessment Any work involving the use and/or propagation of a BA or GMM must have been subject to suitable and sufficient risk assessment. For GMMs risk assessments must
  5. SAF-MAN1.2 - Roles and responsibilities (July 2019).pdf

    . Plan any skill, knowledge or refresher training for yourself and your team, and students where appropriate Think about how procedures based on risk assessments can … . Be involved in accident/incident/near miss investigations. Check Ensure your risk assessments have been carried out, are up to date, recorded, and that control measures
  6. Postgraduate Community, Events and Facilities PGR

    in the School. A risk assessment document must also be completed for all events organised by the School. STAFF and PGR Risk assessment and Prevent Duty events
  7. Eye Protection

    . The only exception to this rule is when the risk assessment for the work does not indicate a need for such protection and where no one else in the vicinity is carrying out work which requires eye protection. Your risk assessment should identify the procedures when you and those working around you MUST wear your safety glasses
  8. Registration, Induction (including Health and Safety) and Scholarship Payments

    Questionnaire Risk Assessment (including a Safety Training Record if applicable) Online Profile See the Research Student Online Profile guide for full details
  9. Gloves

    and that there is no other practicable alternative, this must be fully justified by the risk assessment for the work. If you want to use Latex gloves in CBS you must first provide a risk assessment to the CBS Safety Officer for review. How Can Latex Cause Reactions? Repeated exposure to natural rubber latex (NRL) products can
  10. New and Expectant Mothers

    from your medical adviser. A specific assessment of the risks involved in your work will be made, normally with the assistance of the CBS Safety Officer. As a result of the assessment appropriate adjustments may need to be made to your working conditions to reduce any risks to an acceptable level. Such adjustments should