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This page lists OER-related articles and case studies. The emphasis is on practical application. – A case study in international open educational resources’ by Ray Irving and Stuart Sutherland. Association for Learning Technology Newsletter Issue 21, October 2010.

Google Custom Search for OER on Phil Barker's JISC CETIS blog. Phil describes a quick and dirty way to set up a search engine to find content marked as 'ukoer' in selected repositories.

OER impact. A paper by the Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning (TALL) team, University of Oxford, on the current (2011) impact of OER from a use and reuse perspective. The paper was commissioned by the UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC).

Re-using Open Educational Resources (OERs). Not an article, but an interactive learning object produced by the University of Nottingham Open for Learning project on the why and how of OER. Although specifically referencing UoN resources and tools, it contains useful information and resources that'll be of interest to a wider audience.

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