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Open Educational Resources 

This mini-website is an evolving primer on Open Educational Resources (OER) for learning and teaching in Healthcare. If you're new to the concept and practice of OER, have a look at the What is OER? section for a few definitions, and at the Literature section for articles and sources of help and guidance.

The applied emphasis is upon OER in tertiary healthcare education, where possible, and upon learning and teaching resources with pedagogical content, including:

  • course materials
  • e-learning materials
  • audio and video

This site does not cover:

University of Nottingham users

A small section of this site is restricted to University of Nottingham staff members, as it contains documents and resources primarily of relevance to UoN staff. If you're one such, use the login link in the top right and use your normal network credentials, and after logging in you should see a "University of Nottingham" menu item with links to various internal documents relating to OER.


Authorised users can edit and add pages to this wiki. If you're new to Workspace, take a little time to look through the User Guide which is well-written and user-friendly, and introduces you to the basic concepts and techniques you'll need. For a more detailed guide, see the Confluence User Guide .


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