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School Research Funding (Personal Research Accounts)

Personal Research Accounts (PRA) are funded by the School and is available to R&T staff whilst they are contracted to work in the School of English.

Personal research accounts should be used to support and enable staff to fulfil their research and teaching role in the school.  Unless otherwise agreed with the School’s Director of Research and KE, staff access to funding through the School personal research accounts will end when their contract ends with the School of English (e.g. resignation, retirement, redundancy, end of fixed term contract, etc.)   Staff must bear this in mind when booking activities that need to be funded e.g. conference travel, that may take place after their contract end date with the School.

All School funded level 5+ Academic staff with a Research and Teaching Focus are allocated £600 per University Financial Year (1 August – 31 July) by the School to assist with conference fees, related travel and research costs eg research assistance, costs for obtaining images and permissions to publish). For Level 5 Lecturers/Assistant Professors (teaching focused), where at least 10% time devoted to pedagogic research is expected, staff on a full time contract are also offered £300 per annum automatically, with the opportunity to apply to the Head of School in any given year for up to £300 further funding for specific research purposes in any one academic year.

All School funded Teaching Associate staff are allocated £300 per annum to attend and participate in conferences and research, both of a standard research and pedagogic nature. In addition, Teaching Associates will have the opportunity to apply to the Head of School in any given year for up to £300 further funding for specific research purposes (usually an indicative outline of the event, purpose and value of the research trip proposed will be submitted to the Head of School with at least one month’s notice for consideration). Teaching Associates appointed partway through the year will have their allocation calculated on a pro-rata basis, in accordance with the number of months/weeks worked in the particular academic year.

Research funds for Teaching Associates are provided in order to encourage and promote research-led teaching of the highest quality and on the grounds of career development opportunities. For Level 5 Lecturers/Assistant Professors (teaching focussed), where at least 10% time devoted to pedagogic research is expected, staff on a full time contract are also offered £300 per annum automatically, with the opportunity to apply to the Head of School in any given year for up to £300 further funding for specific research purposes in any one academic year.

All claims must be supported by receipts – lack of receipts will result in tax being deducted on the items that cannot be confirmed as legitimate expenses. Any allocation not spent may be carried forward to the next year, though normally only for one year.  Staff will be issued with statements by Louise Mason showing the expenditure and balance at the start of every new term.  Please check before any costs are incurred to ensure that the charges are made to the relevant project code.

Purchasing Items

All items purchased by members of staff relating to the business of the School shall be and remain the property of the University and on termination of staff employment must be returned to the School. 

Please note that Research Committee (10.10.12) agreed that Personal Research Accounts should not be used to purchase property which becomes private e.g. books, equipment etc

Staff may wish to use their PRA to pay for photo-copying/printing costs during library visits/research trips.
Staff who wish to purchase books should contact the School Library Representative about purchasing books through the Library's budget set aside for the School of English to support staff research and teaching.

Memberships/Annual Subscriptions

The University will not pay on behalf of, or reimburse to employees via Concur the costs of any membership or annual subscriptions in respect of clubs or other organisations irrespective of whether membership is used in the furtherance of University business. Where a conference registration is greatly reduced by obtaining a membership the School will consider funding a group or individual membership paying via the School's purchasing card as this cost may not be claimed via Concur.

Casually engaging Research Affiliates

Staff may not use their PRA to buy themselves out of their teaching commitments.

Staff may use their PRA to casually engage a Research Affiliate. There is a pool of approved Research Affiliates held by the School recruited from our own PGR community. 
External candidates should only be considered for a casual assignment if there are no expressions of interest submitted from internal candidates with the required expertise.
For more information please contact Sarah Nolan.

Students in this pool will have completed an expression of interest form,  provided an up to date CV and have permission from their supervisors. These expressions of interest have been passed to the relevant Directors of  Research Centres and are held on file for five years.  When casual assignments become available individuals who have submitted an expression of interest form and who meet the essential criteria for any available assignments are invited to interview by the  PI. 

All successful candidates must agree their proposed hours of paid Research work with their Supervisor (this should be no more than 6, and the initial expectation would be 4).
The total number of hours a Research Affiliate can undertake must be considered alongside any teaching engagement and must not exceed 6 hours a week in term time. The agreed figure must be recorded, and returned to the Director of PGR Students and reported to the School's Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee.

It is important to note that any project work offered must not take precedence over the PG student's own study. The priority for the PG student is to ensure timely submission of their PhD thesis by their submission date or completion of their MA.

Casual Engagements - Important Information

Students who undertake casual/temporary work must be paid by Unitemps.  Unitemps cannot pay candidates retrospectively and booking forms received on or after the start date will not be processed.  Under UK Border Agency regulations, all candidates must be checked for eligibility to work by Unitemps before ANY work is undertaken.   Failure by the School to adhere to these regulations will result in Unitemps reporting the School to the University’s HR Department, and the School running the risk of incurring a fine imposed by the UK Border Agency.  

Please contact a member of the admin team BEFORE you offer any casual/temporary work.  The majority of casual engagements will come through Harriet Lander (Teaching Affiliates - onsite), Claire Humphries (Teaching Affiliates – DL) and Sarah Nolan (Research Affiliates).

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