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    The academic year will commence on Monday 23rd September 2019  when all returning and new students arrive at University for Welcome Week.

    Teaching for undergraduates and Masters students will start in the following week (Monday, 30th September 2019). 

    School Registration and Induction for New Research Students

    New research students will be required to attend a programme of induction events in the School the week beginning Monday 23rd September.

    The School induction is an opportunity for you to receive essential information for research students in the School and will be organised by the Director of Graduate Studies.

    Your Supervisors will also be invited to the induction. 

    University Registration for New Students

    ALL new students must register online and full-time students must also confirm their attendance in person.

    1. To Register Online:

    New students will be able to register online from 3 weeks before their course start date. All the details about how to register can be found here.

    Log on with the temporary username and password you have been given or which you used for the Applicant's Portal. If you do not know your temporary username and password or if you cannot access the Portal, contact the IT Service Desk by email at: or phone:0115 95 16677

    You will be shown a series of screens and asked to confirm or amend the details the University holds for you. At the end of the process (there may be a delay of up to 24 hours) you will be issued with your University username and password which will allow you access to all the University’s Information Services, including email.

    2. Confirmation of Attendance:

    Full-time students must also confirm their attendance in person to complete the registration process.  Please see your Welcome week timetable of events for when you need to do this. Full details of this process are available on the University's Student Services webpage.

    School Induction Documents for Research Students (including Health and Safety)

    Health and Safety

    Some general health and safety information will be given to new research students at the School induction event held during week one. 

    All research students will be given a Health and Safety Induction Checklist and will be required to complete and return the following :

    1. School Health and Safety Induction Questionnaire
    2. Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Workstation Checklist
      Please list as the DSE Assessor in the School of English

    3. Risk Assessment (including a Safety Training Record if applicable)

    Online Profile

    Data Management

    All research students should complete a data management plan, in consultation with their Lead Supervisor

    University Registration for Returning Students

    Returning students are not required to confirm their attendance in person but do need to register online. Online registration will open from mid-August 2019. To register on-line please go to the  Student Services  website and log on with your username and password. If you cannot access the website, contact the IT Service Desk: or phone: 0115 95 16677

    Full details about University registration is available on the University's Student Services webpage.

    School Welcome Event for all new PG students

    A Postgraduate Welcome event will take place in Welcome Week on Thursday 26th September 2019 at 15:30 in Room C14 in the Teaching & Learning Building . All new and returning postgraduates are welcome. The welcome event is followed by the first PG Seminar of the year (see below).

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    First Postgraduate Seminar of the Year

    Postgraduate Seminars are run by postgraduate students for postgraduate students in the School of English. The first Postgraduate Seminar of the year will be held on Thursday 26th September at 16:00 in the Teaching & Learning Building Room D02 following the Welcome event.

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    Graduate School Welcome and Induction

    The Graduate School welcomes all new and returning postgraduate students to the University of Nottingham. Their programme has been designed to complement and enhance School based inductions, to provide you with the information you need to support your studies and to give you the opportunity to integrate into the postgraduate community and to meet fellow students. All events are open to new and returning postgraduates. Tickets for the social events can be purchased during Welcome Week from the Student Union reception. Further information is available at the Graduate School website. A Graduate School Welcome Event will take place on Monday 23rd September 2019 at 12:30 in Room A03Teaching & Learning Building.

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    Computer and Library Access

    It is important that you arrange to have computer access as soon as possible in order to access all your modules and university email account. Welcome Week is the best time to organise this. You can register by going to any networked pc and typing in the word “register” as the username, no password and clicking “OK”. Then follow the instructions on-screen. You must have your student ID number (on your University Card or registration documents) to register.

    Information Services has produced a Student Survival Guide and these are available from the Hallward Library. There is also an IT helpline (also available by telephoning or internal extension 16677).

    Make sure you attend the Portal and Library induction arranged for you in Welcome Week. Further details of the University's extensive library facilities.

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    Scholarship Payments

    If you are a student on a funded scholarship and your tuition fees are paid, this payment will be organised by Student Services. If your award includes the payment of your tuition fees you need take no further action with regard to this: these will be paid directly by the School and you will not be invoiced. However if you have any queries concerning the payment of your tuition fees please contact Student Services.

    If you are a student on a funded scholarship and you also receive a stipend (living allowance) this will also be organised by Student Services. Regular monthly payments are processed direct to your bank accounts, normally on the 26th of each month (M3C students are paid quarterly in advance.) Please make sure you pass on the name, sort code and account number for your bank or building society account as soon as possible. The pay date will only vary if the 26th is a weekend or a bank holiday in which case the credit date is brought forward. 

    Where the stipend payment is made a month in advance of your studies, please note that when your stipend starts Finance make a manual payment to bring you into line with the monthly schedule e.g. all new students that go through with a registration date of 1st October will have an initial payment within a week of them being approved and then they will get their next payment on Monday 26th October, in advance for November. Then, any students that have a start date of between the 1st and 16th of each month will be calculated as though they have a start date of the 1st of a month. Any students with a start date of between the 17th and 31st of a month will be deemed to have a start date of the 1st of the next month.

    When you come to the end of your course please remember that, as your stipend payment is made in advance, if you are paid monthly you will not receive a payment in the last month e.g. if you have an end date of 30th September then your last payment will be 26th August.

    Sick leave policy

    The University Quality Manual has information for UoN postgraduate research students who are funded, about eligibility and entitlement to sick leave.

    Maternity leave, paternity/maternity support leave, shared parental leave and adoption leave stipend payments

    The University Quality Manual has information for UoN postgraduate research students who are funded, about eligibility and entitlement to maternity lave, paternity/maternity support leave, shared parental leave and adoption leave stipend payments.


    Length of Registration

    Most research students register and pay fees for three years (full time) or six years (part time) and receive supervision from their Supervisor during this period.

    The fourth year (or equivalent for part time students) is  thesis pending period (sometimes referred to as a writing-up period). 

    Thesis-Pending Period

    Students normally enter their thesis-pending period (or writing-up period) at the end of their third year of registration as a full time student (or equivalent period of time for a part time student). Research students who wish to enter the thesis-pending period before this time, will only be able to do so with the permission of their Supervisor and if the Supervisor has seen a substantial draft of the thesis. 

    Interrupting Studies

    Students who wish to voluntarily interrupt their studies must contact their Supervisor in the first instance. Students will need to complete a request to interrupt study form for the University, which for International students will include speaking to the International Office and gaining their signature on the form.

    When completed, the request to interrupt study form should be submitted to Jo Pullen who can obtain Head of School and any other School signatures as required. 

    All voluntarily interruption requests must be accompanied by supporting documentation. 

    Withdrawal from Studies

    Students who wish to withdraw from their studies must contact their Supervisor in the first instance. Students will need to complete a Notification of Withdrawal form for the University.

    When completed, the withdrawal form should be submitted to Jo Pullen.

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