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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

Standing Members:


Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Dr Lucy Jones

Sem 1 & 2

MemberHead of School Professor Svenja AdolphsSem 1 & 2


School Operations Manager

Mari Hughes

Sem 1 & 2

MemberSchool Widening Participation LeadDr Joel EvansSem 1 & 2
MemberResearch Fellow RepresentativeDr Jai MackenzieSem 1 & 2
MemberTeaching Associate RepresentativeDr Jess NorledgeSem 1 & 2
MemberLevel 5 Academic RepresentativeDr Jason WhittSem 1 & 2
MemberLevel 6 Academic Representative

Dr Joanna Martin
Dr Pete Kirwan

Sem 1 & 2
MemberAPM Representative Claire HumphriesSem 1 & 2


Senior Administrator (Web and Communications)

Rebecca Weaver

Sem 1 & 2

Students Single Honours UG representative
 Sem 1 & 2

2+2  representative
 Sem 1 & 2

 PGT (onsite) representative
 Sem 1 & 2

PGT (Distance Learning) representative 
 Sem 1 & 2

 PGR representative
 Sem 1 & 2

Ex-Officio Members:

MemberDirector of TeachingDr Joe JacksonSem 1 & 2
MemberDirector of AdmissionsDr Andrew Harrison

Sem 1 & 2

MemberDirector of Research and Knowledge ExchangeProfessor Dominic Head

Sem 1 & 2

MemberDirector of Graduate StudiesDr Joanna MartinSem 1 & 2
MemberDirector of Global EngagementDr Helen BucklerSem 1 & 2
MemberDirector of Staff DevelopmentDr Sarah GrandageSem 1 & 2
MemberDisability Liaison OfficerDr Sean MatthewsSem 1 & 2
MemberEducation and Student Experience ManagerBecky CameronSem 1 & 2
MemberSenior TutorDr Mike JonesSem 1 & 2

EDI Committee standing members should reflect diversity, where possible, in gender, race, sexuality, and disability, as well as job family, academic section, and level.

Terms of Reference 2019-2020

 1.     Purpose

The School’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee develops and implements strategies and policies to ensure that staff and students are treated solely on the basis of their merits. The Committee’s main roles are: to review and monitor the implementation of the School’s Athena SWAN Action Plan, to carry out equality impact assessments on School policies and processes, and to collect and analyse staff and student data (relating to gender, age, sexuality, disability, race, religious/political beliefs, nationality, socio-economic background and family circumstances).

2.     Responsibilities

  1. To oversee the successful execution of the Action Plan laid out in the School’s Athena SWAN application
  2. To audit the School’s progress in relation to the Athena SWAN Action Plan and report matters of concern to School Management Committee
  3. To respond to and investigate issues raised in relation to EDI by staff and students, and to make policy recommendations to School Management Committee as appropriate
  4. To advise School Management Committee on the implementation of EDI policies introduced or under consideration at Faculty and Institutional level
  5. To deliver reports to Faculty EDI Board and action items as required
  6. To establish working groups within and external to the EDI Committee, with the aim of thoroughly exploring issues in order to swiftly meet goals
  7. To engage in data collection and analysis of staff and student data annually, thus both facilitating future applications to Athena SWAN and ensuring visibility of issues relating to EDI more broadly
  8. To determine, with the Head of School, the composition of future Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Teams

3.     General

 3.1        Membership

Chair     Director for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion     

Standing members (staff)         

Head of School
School Operations Manager      
Senior Administrator (Operations)
School Widening Participation lead       
Research Fellow representative
Teaching Associate representative
Level 5 academic representative
Level 6 academic representative
Level 7 academic representative
APM staff representative

Standing members (students)   

Single honours UG student representative
2+2 student representative
PGT (onsite) student representative
PGT (Distance Learning) student representative
PGR student representative


Director of Teaching
Director of Admissions
Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange
Director of Graduate Studies
Director of Global Engagement
Director of Staff Development
Disability Liaison Officer
Education and Student Experience Manager
Senior Tutor

EDI Committee standing members should reflect diversity, where possible, in gender, race, sexuality, and disability, as well as job family, academic section, and level.

Standing Members who are staff representatives join on a three yearly term or until they need to step down, at which point the Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion will seek to fill the role with a new colleague from within the School. Academic staff taking study leave may choose to remain on the Committee or to step down when their leave starts, depending on their other commitments.

Standing members who are student representatives join for the duration of the current academic year, with elections taking place annually to re-fill their position.

3.2        Chair and support

The Committee will be convened and chaired by the Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Minutes will be taken by the Senior Administrator (Operations).

3.3        Frequency of meetings

The Committee will meet quarterly.  The Committee shall delegate activity to sub-groups as appropriate.

3.4        Deputies

Members of the Committee are able to nominate a deputy to attend the meeting on their behalf.

3.5        Quorum

A quorum will be half the regular membership plus one.


3.6        Term of Office

The term of office for ex-officio members is determined by the administrative role/s held by an individual. Standing membership is reviewed annually to ensure representativeness.


3.7        Reporting and Review

The Committee reports to SMC and FEDIB, via the Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.  Recommendations will be taken from the committee to SMC for decision or ratification, and the committee will implement those decisions in line with the agreed strategy. The effectiveness and the membership of the EDI Committee will be reviewed annually as part of the Head of School’s annual allocation of administrative tasks.

Minutes of Meetings 

Minutes of the meetings of the EDI Committee in 2018/19:

Date of MeetingApproved Minutes
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