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  • Workspace Upgrade (January 2014) - New Features
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Confluence (the collabrorative software tool which underpins Workspace) was upgraded to version 5 (V5) on 2nd/3rd January 2014. The following 'out of the box' enhacements were introduced as a result:


New Default Theme

The University customised workspace theme (that partnered the CMS Website look and feel) has being withdrawn. Workspace V5  uses the Documentation Theme as the new UoN standard. This theme has been applied retrospectively to all workspaces migrated from the previous version and will be the standard theme for all new workspace content.  One additional theme, the Default Theme, can then also be used as a further option.


New Page Editor

This has introduced greater sophistication and flexibility, including:

  • A more contemporary design with changes to menus for navigating and creating content, resulting in faster and easier editing
  • Page layouts that now allows the easy creation and editing of column based layouts
  • Auto convert pasted links which, when you paste URLs into a workspace page, will analyse what you are pasting and automatically convert it into something that will display well in Workspace. YouTube videos, Google Maps, and many other content types are supported in this way.
  • Quick find and replace facility
  • The ability to use any character in page titles
  • Table sorting
  • Drag-able images in pages and Image Effects to enhance the presentation of your images

IMPORTANT: Wiki Markup is no longer used in the new version of workspace because page editing is carried out using the integral 'WYSIWYG' page editor. This means that no options exist to view or edit wiki markup as it is no longer used in V5.


Page Blueprints

These are like templates and ensure that you don’t have to start with a blank page. Initial options include blueprints for ‘meeting notes’, ‘file list’ and ‘requirements’



Improved access to and the display of file attachments


Improved Social and Collaborative features

These include:

  • The abililty to add labels, which aid searching, to attachments as well as pages
  • A 'Like' button for user to provide instant feedback on individual pages


Further details

A full set of release notes for V5 is available via the Confluence website.


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