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Issue Comment/solution
The Workspace page for which I'm responsible is not displaying the content 'correctly' or 'as expected' The likely cause is that some or all of the page content has not migrated to the new format. Please refer to the storage format conversion guidance to address this and convert the content manually.

Embedded graphics do not render properly in attached Word documents.

Pictures/graphics within Word documents that are attached to a Workspace page do not render properly when viewed via either the View option of the Attachment dialog or are surfaced into a Workspace page via a macro. This is a feature of Workspace V5.x  and no fixes or workarounds are currently available.

Indexing of document contents is no longer available

This is the case in the latest version of Workspace. To workaround this issue, please consider converting your document attachments into full Workspace pages. These can subsequently be exported back into Word or PDF format documents if required.







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