This refers to Moodle 3.11 from August 2022 onwards  

Once you’re in the Lesson you should be presented with the first page of the lesson.  This could be the start of a slide show, a branched learning activity or a series of questions with some content pages.  Your tutor may have limited the number of times you can run through the activity, especially if it is a branched activity with questions.  There may also be a time limit for the activity.

  1. Click on the Lesson title to enter. 
  2. Click the buttons beneath the content to navigate to the page assigned to that option.  Choose carefully as your tutor may not have allowed you to navigate backwards.

Note:  If a time limit has been enabled by your tutor it will be stated at the top of the first page.  Once you start navigating through the activity the timer will then appear in the top left-hand corner.

First page of a lesson activity

     3. If your button takes you to a quiz select the radial button next to your answer before moving to the next page. See example below. 

Question in a lesson

Tip: If a time limit has been enabled, it will appear on the top of the tab throughout the lesson activity.

Note:  There are points allocated for quizzes in a Lesson.  The 'Submit' button will finish the lesson activity and submit all your quiz answers. Your responses will be shown on the final page of the Lesson once you've clicked the 'Submit' button.  Your overall grade will also be shown in Grades.

Please contact your local elearning support team.

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