Text updated for Moodle 4.1

Download this guide in word format: Moodle+Quick+Start+for+Students.docx

Logging in to Moodle

Moodle is the University’s online learning environment. Here you will find resources to support your learning such as files, handouts, videos and audio, web links and Announcements. You can take part in activities such as forums, submit assignments or collaborate online. The resources and activities available are chosen by your lecturers and vary from module to module.

Log into Moodle using your usual University username and password. https://moodle.nottingham.ac.uk

Log in window for moodle

Navigating around Moodle

Main Moodle navigation menu

When you log in to Moodle, the first page to be displayed is the Dashboard. This will display an announcements banner and a timeline of your upcoming activities on Moodle. At the top of this page is the main Moodle navigation menu. From the main Moodle menu you can access your modules from the 'My Modules' menu item. The My Modules page displays all your modules in tiled form but you can filter to show just those In progress (current modules), Future (next academic year and later) and Past. You can sort by name, date or most recently accessed and view card, list or summary view.   

Example of the Module overview in tile format

Don’t worry if only core modules appear – optional modules will appear after you have completed the module entry form, handed it in, and it has been processed.  Once you have made your module choices and they have been added to your record, they will appear in your Moodle list on the next working day.

You may not see all of the modules you expect to see immediately – please do not panic.  Lecturers will make modules visible to you when they have finished preparing the module. Check with friends on the same course.

Some modules allow you to self-enrol – so you can look before you decide.

The final option on the main menu is the More menu. The More menu gives access to Test Your Text, Online Timetables (UK students), My Media and Help and Support pages.

The module page

Each module has its own online space.  All resources and activities for your module are linked from the main column. Assignments may be submitted online via Turnitin or Moodle Assignment.  On the left-hand side of the module page is the module navigation index which allows you to quickly navigate around the module. On the right-hand side of the module page is the block drawer. This may be used by academics to display other useful information such as links to School news and events. Both the navigation index and the block drawer can be hidden to create more space for the main content.

For help on submitting assignments please see the Turnitin (& Moodle) assignment submission checklist

Read emails!

Moodle sends out emails to your University address only.  Depending on your personal profile settings, mails from Moodle may arrive individually or as a once-a-day Digest. The Digest is called “Moodle.Nottingham Forum Digest”. If you prefer, you can change your profile settings to receive separate emails or Digests (see the Help website for how to do this).

TOP TIP: Please check your email regularly: It is important you do read these emails as they can contain important information about your module, which may not be sent elsewhere. (Check your Clutter, Other, Spam and Junk folders!)

Where to get more information

  • Student Moodle Help (this website)                               Check the FAQ!
  • You can request support via the Help Desk if you have any issues: See contact details at the bottom of this page
  • For queries on the content of your Moodle modules, please check with your module convenor.