This refers to Moodle 4.1 from December 2023 onwards  

You can add a video or audio file to a Moodle forum by using the MediaSpace button as follows:

Navigate to the relevant module, click into the Forum and click to create a new message (e.g., by 'Add a new discussion topic' or 'Reply')

You may need to click "Advanced" to see the Atto formatting bar is displayed below:

To add a video to a forum in a module create a new discussion or reply to one.

To upload a media file you have created:

  1. In the upload screen for online text click the 'Mediaspace' button (marked below). You may need to expand the toolbar for it to appear. Do NOT upload it to Attachments.

With a forum post click on the mediaspace icon to embed your own video

Note: The browser must be set to accept ALL cookies (If at this point you see a message indicating that your browser is blocking third party cookies, see for how to resolve this issue)

2. Once you're in Mediaspace, select Add New and then use Media Upload in the top-right of the page.

With in MediaSpace, click on add new video and then media upload to upload a video to MediaSpace

3. Read the copyright statement and tick the 'checkbox', if you agree to it.

Copyright Statement

4. The Upload Media dialog box will open. Drag and Drop a file OR Click '+Choose a file to upload' and navigate to the file you wish to submit.

Click on choose a file to upload a file in MediaSpace

N.B. for Mac users: Videos created on a Mac sometimes upload without audio and may need to be re-encoded using a free program such as Handbrake)

5. When the file has uploaded (this may take some time, depending on the size), complete the "Name" and "Description"

6. Click 'Save'. This will save your changes only

once the video has uploaded, remember to click save to save changes.

7. To complete the upload, click 'Save and Embed', or click on 'Embed' on the following Preview page.

Image of the save and embed button that needs to be clicked to complete upload
Embed button

8. The file will appear in the Online Text box as a hyperlink.

Image showing that the embed video will look like a hyperlink.

Note: You can add text below (or above) the link to complete your post and change your subject line if you wish

9. When you are ready, click 'Post to forum'

Image of the post to Forum button to save and post.

To embed a link to a media file from an external source (e.g., a YouTube video):

  1. Instead of the 'MediaSpace' button, click the 'Link' button

Image of where you can find the link button within the editing block to add a hyperlink for a video

2. Add text that you would like to be displayed as the hyperlink within the "Text to display" and paste the URL for your media source into the "Enter a URL" dialog box.  Then click "Open in New Window" and then click 'Create Link' to add link

Image of the window where you have to add display text and paste hyperlink to create link

3. The file will appear in the text box as a hyperlink. Your description and any other text can be written underneath the link.

4. Click 'Post to forum' 

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